About Us

As a NH-based, family-owned company, we understand that our success depends on putting our customers first.

For Zero Problems, Think Zero Waste!

Zero Waste & Recycling Service, Inc. is an independently owned trash hauling company that services Central and Southern New Hampshire.  Offering containers ranging in size from 2 to 30 cubic yards, we have solutions for NH businesses of all sizes.  

Zero Waste was started in 1996 by the Emanuel family and today, more than 20 years later, is still owned and operated by brothers Stanley and Peter Emanuel.

At Zero Waste we believe in an unmatched commitment to customer service, and that all begins with our people. Everyone on the Zero Waste team – from drivers and operations, to customer service and sales – believes that when we treat the customer right, everything else falls into place.

So what does “unmatched customer service” in the trash and recycling business look like?  It’s having a surplus of trucks so that when something breaks (because you know it will), there’s another one standing by to get on the road and keep collection on schedule.  It’s having drivers who are crossed-trained and able to drive all types of vehicles so that an unexpected illness doesn’t mean a disruption in service or container delivery.  It’s pricing that’s fair and consistent, not

a bunch of surplus fees (like fuel surcharges and admin fees) “just because we can.”   And most importantly, “unmatched customer service” means having an experienced staff that knows how crucial our business is to yours, and having that lead every decision we make.

 Don’t take our word for it… Give us a call or fill out an online quote request, and experience the Zero Waste difference for yourself.


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